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When a patient has a missing tooth/teeth and cannot have an implant, a removable prosthesis is an option. When a missing tooth or teeth have adjacent teeth and a removable prosthesis is not desired, a fixed bridge can be made.

Patient has several missing teeth with inadequate space to create an esthetic bridge that will replace and reproduce the missing teeth.  In addition, the resolution of the crowding on the lower teeth and orthodontic treatment for both upper and lower arches will enable to provide the ideal treatment.


Patient 1

Orthodontic treatment completed aligning lower teeth and creating a better space for the upper anterior bridge.

Final upper bridge.

Patient 2

Bridge replace with all individual crowns.

Patient wanted to replace the teeth with individual crowns.

Final completed treatment.

Radiograph showing the implant replacing the missing root and three individual crowns.

Often patients develop a problem on one of the anchoring teeth from a bridge, or they just want to replace a fixed bridge to have individual teeth/ crowns.