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When losing a tooth, an implant is a great replacement option.   


(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

The implant is made out of titanium, which has excellent biological compatibility with a patient’s natural bone.


(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

Close up on how the bone and soft tissue have a healthy response to the implant.


When replacing a tooth, the process usually involves three parts: 


1. The root is substituted with an implant made out of titanium, which has shown to have excellent compatibility with a patients jaw and bone.

(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

2.  To place an abutment or post ( screw-retained unto the implant) to support a cemented or screw-retained crown.

(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

3.  The final restoration or crown ( cemented or screw-retained) replacing the missing tooth. 

(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

When several teeth are missing and implants are placed, a fixed/ non-removable bridge is made to recreate esthetics and function.

(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

In many instances, only a few implants are utilized to convert a full denture into an implant assisted overdenture. This technique increases the denture stability and comfort while still enabling the patient to remove and clean the denture or removable prosthesis.


(Image Courtesy of Dentsply)

Replacing a full lower denture with a fixed bridge implant supported is a routine procedure.  Specific and personalized treatment plan is created for each patient to determine the number of implants needed and their location.

(Image Courtesy of Biohorizons)

In many instances when several teeth are missing, they can all be replaced with implants and individual crowns, thus reproducing excellent esthetics and function, as if the teeth had never been lost.



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