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Treatment modality used to straighten teeth, either with routine braces or Invisible braces.  It is not only implemented for esthetics and occlusion (bite), but in many instances can help reduce, prevent or eliminate periodontal problems (gums and bone).


Very often it is the malposition of teeth that needs to be corrected in order to achieve proper restorative/ prosthetic results. 

Patient has congenitally missing upper lateral incisors, replaced both of them with Maryland bridges (missing teeth with gaps at the gum lineare bonded to adjacent teeth through lingual-metal wings). 


Patient 1

Right and left view of Maryland bridges with poor esthetics and showing adjacent teeth are in malposition.

Patient 2

Treatment completed. 

Lower teeth straighten for esthetics and facilitate periodontal maintenance. 

Insufficient space for the bridge. If orthodontic treatment is not implemented, the final bridge will have a poor esthetic outcome.

After orthodontic treatment is completed, lower teeth are straight, and upper bridge has the correct proportions for excellence esthetics.

Radiograph showing teeth are in malposition with inadequate room for implants to replace the missing lateral incisors.

Final radiographs showing teeth and implants surrounded by healthy bone.

Lateral view showing excellent esthetics with healthy gums and teeth in the correct position.

Completed orthodontic treatment with implants and crowns placed to replace upper lateral incisors.


Invisalign takes a contemporary approach to straightening teeth by using a custom-made computer design series of aligners created exclusively for you. These aligner trays are made of smooth and translucent plastic that you wear over your teeth. The practically undistinguishable plastic material makes it easy to carry on daily tasks without anyone knowing you are in the process to having straight, beautiful teeth!