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Indicated when correcting shape and or color of existing teeth. Usually made out of porcelain with the distinct advantage that the preparation of the tooth is minimal, or significantly less than the one for a crown. Ideal results are obtained when the veneer is bonded to enamel, rather than dentin. 

Patient unhappy with the esthetics and tetracycline stains of the teeth and unable to obtain a successful result through whitening.


Patient 1

Teeth are reduced for the veneer; in this instance the color of the tetracycline stains are accentuated. Tooth preparation is most predictably done when we remain on enamel..

Final veneers bonded.

Patient 2

Tooth is conservatively prepared for a porcelain veneer.

Patient had an accident and fragment was successfully bonded. Even though bonding has been successful after several years, the fractured fragment becomes dehydrated and the fracture line is visible.

Porcelain veneer bonded.